Strada Racing Club was turned over to Michael and Lisa Kolin in 2005.
A foundation of skill and technique training develops road, track and mtb cyclists from our 90+ members, ages 7 to 73. Strada Racing Club, a member of USAC and ABRA, co-promotes the Arizona State Track Championships at the Encino Velodrome in California. Another of our Club Events is the Strada Hilly Hundred, a 100K club ride that donates the proceeds to charity.
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Team Doctor - Dr. Jen Burke


Strada Racing Club was founded in 1979 by Domenic Malvestuto. Domenic owned DOMENICS CYCLING. Here he is winning a race in Toronto Canada as a professional cyclist. In 2005, Strada Racing Club was turned over to Michael and Lisa Kolin.

Domenic winning race

The year was 1969 when this finish line photo was taken.

Domenic Malvestuto

2012 Domenic Malvestuto Memorial Ride

Domenic was a professional racer, Canadian National Team member and winner of too many races to list. He moved to Arizona, opened his pro shop and started the Strada Racing Club in 1979. His focus with the club was with junior development and many of his riders went on to great successes. One of his ex-junior riders, Chad Beyer, rode the professional Giro di Italia in 2010! Domenic spent endless hours working with cyclists and promoting the sport. He retired from the day-to-day management of his bike shop and turned over the club to Lisa and Michael. Many people have asked us why we chose the Strada Racing Club instead of starting a new club and the answer is simple: we wanted to honor and continue the years of dedication that Domenic gave to cycling...and particularly his efforts toward rider development. Domenic Malvestuto was a great man who will be missed...but not forgotten.