The Strada Racing Club is a volunteer-led group of individuals who give their personal time and effort to help grow the sport of cycling and to develop the cycling and leadership skills of our members. While all of our members help to make Strada a great cycling family, we want to recognize and thank those members who have made significant personal contributions to the Strada Racing Club:

Mary Julia and Greg Albert
Jim and Linda Bennett
Bike Barn
Stephen and Joanna Bobko-Hillenaar
Ty and Wendi Bohlender
George and Amy Burnett
Scott Cavin
John Davis
Tom and Karen Kelly
Lisa and Mike Kolin
Leeann Land
Joe Leonetti
Judy and Domenic Malvestuto
George Master
Larry McCormick
Ron McFadden
Mike Mueller
Jay Natoli
Steve Riess, Bea Strong & Sam Riess
Josh Skevington
Sharon Vitale and Mike Tucker
Mike Yanish